Day Two- Someone Like You

My blog posts are usually about people that inspire me or people that I love. But this time, this post is about the people that made me believe I couldn’t so what I wanted, it’s about the people that said I was doing the wrong thing when I knew in my heart that what I was doing was right for me. This post is a ‘fuck you’ to the people that doubted I would ever amount to anything, and a chance for you guys to see a different side to me.

I’ve never ‘fitted in’ I guess you could say. I’ve been bullied my entire life, and sometimes not only by strangers. You see, in my eyes, bullying means putting someone down or singling them out. And let’s face it, everyone does it.

This post is a thank you to the people that inspired me to trust my gut instinct, the one that told me to prove them wrong.

People always ask me what the inspiration behind Don’t Lose Your Grip is, or why I’m so ‘strong’. But, y’see in my eyes, I’m not all that strong. I’m just stubborn.

I get called different a lot, and I like it. I like being different to everyone else, and I’m slowly becoming proud of the person that I’m becoming. I’m proud of how I stand behind what I believe with everything I have and don’t let anyone change my mind when it’s set.

I’ve been bullied about a lot of things in my life; My weight, my parents’ ages, my dad’s disability and even how frizzy my hair is. Being bullied is the worst feeling in the world, it’s as if you go to school, the one place where your parents can’t protect you and everything comes crashing down. But trust me, it does get better, it makes you a stronger person, and it gives you the motivation to prove to them that you’re better than them, that you don’t need to bring someone down to make your life worth living.

Life is about exactly that, it’s about living. My mom always says “You’re alive, but are you living?” I’d say that at the age of nineteen with a good group of friends, a strong family support network, an incredible boyfriend and countless successful projects, that I really am living my life to the full. And you know what makes it all that little bit more special? The fact that I can look in the mirror and feel proud of the person looking back at me.

So this is to you, every single person that’s ever put me down. Thank you for making me realize that I’d be a fool to trust everyone, thank you for proving to me that if I follow my heart then I won’t be disappointed. Thank you for being a pain in my life for x amount of time, and thank you for making me stronger. I hope that your kids turn into the complete opposite of you, and don’t make the same mistakes as you did. I hope that people can trust them and that they don’t become social outcasts due to them being so self absorbed that they forget the fact that other people have feelings.

I guess this post is almost complete; I’ve wasted 19 years of my life explaining myself to people, and I don’t intend to continue.

Before I go, I thought you should know that every “You’ll never make it.” “You’re stuck up” “You’re fat and ugly.. why would anyone want you?” and “You’re worthless” simply makes me work harder, firstly to prove you wrong, and secondly to save the generations to come from the pain I’ve gone through.

Much love, Chrisselle.

3 Replies to “Day Two- Someone Like You”

  1. Every day you show me just how amazing you are…and then the next day you prove me wrong; you’re even more incredible than I originally thought. I know I tell you this all the time, but you really are so special, and I look up to you so much. I love you, and I’m proud to say you’re my best friend.

  2. “you go girl” my dad used to say I needed goading”on, always thought,omg I dont!!but somewhere inside I think often I did….its more pleasant to recieve praise,and as Ive only recently started experiencing this in my life,I can honestly say its long overdue,for we all need a certain amount of encoragement,and yes,I think ur right,as I said,its the irritation that produces the pearl,my dance training,was both hard mentally and physically,and with no encouragement ever,so thanks to those who I can count on one hand for the compliments about dance over many many years!x

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