Happiness Is The Road

It’s less than a month until my twentieth birthday, and throughout my (almost) twenty years I’ve met some incredible people who have completely changed my life.

I remember when I was a kid, after a birthday party my mom and dad would sit me down with some paper and help me write thank you letters to the people that had given me birthday gifts, and this has given me an idea; for the next month I’m going to write thank you letters to some of the incredible people I’ve met, these may be posted daily or weekly, I’m not sure. But all I know is that it’s something I feel that I need to do.

My first letter is to one person in particular; I’m not going to name them, as I’m sure they’ll know exactly who they are if they so happen to read this. I hope they do, as I think they deserve to know the things I have to say, but I also respect their decision should they decide not to. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

I know that we’ve had some rough times this year, and that a lot has changed, but I feel like we’re in a good place right now and that it’s only fair you’re the first person I thank, because if it hadn’t been for meeting you I really don’t know who, or where, I would be right now. I’ve been so stupid in the past and not let people know how grateful I am towards them before it’s too late, but that’s something that I’m determined to change, so I really do hope that you’re reading this. And people will probably say I’m stupid and naive for doing this, but I’m old enough to know what’s best for me.

Firstly, I want to thank you for helping me become the person I am today; you completely changed my outlook on life, and for lack of better words helped me mature. When I first met you I was on the edge of becoming a wreck, but for some reason our night long conversations and ice cream for breakfast routine stopped that from happening completely. And for that I really am eternally grateful.

I want to thank you for helping me create some of the best memories of my life that I will never forget and that I couldn’t have picked someone better to share them with. Be it cuddled up watching cartoons or watching the sunset over the beach; they’re all just as precious as the first time we met.

I want to thank you for believing in me through every crazy idea I’ve had and in turn making me believe in myself. If you had told me just two years ago that I would be where I am now at the age of nineteen I would have told you that you were deluded. Thank you for making me more self confident than I have ever been, for always calling me beautiful even though I would argue with you for hours that I wasn’t. And for fighting with me until I would listen. You’ll never know just how much those words meant to me, and still do mean to me.

Thank you for being blunt and keeping me grounded through everything. I appreciate honesty, and I’m glad you feel comfortable enough with me not to sugar coat the truth, just because it’s hard to swallow.

Thank you for being my rock for so long, no matter the time or day. You’ve always had this magical power to just make everything feel okay with a single sentence or gesture, no-one had ever been able to do that for me. You can stop me overthinking at the drop of a hat, and you know my reactions to most things better than anyone I know, including the people I’ve known all of my life. Thank you for all the times you’ve held me together when I’ve been completely falling apart.

Thank you for caring so much that you know how I feel even when I try to pretend differently. Thank you for not only caring about me; but for caring about those important to me too, mainly my family. Thank you for loving me, and for making sure to tell me often.

That brings me on to my next point. Thank you for teaching me how to love, and for being the first person to make me believe in it. You completely changed my views on love, and that is something I’ll never forget. Thank you for simply being you.

This letter isn’t some kind of attempt to make you realise how I feel or anything like that. It’s simply to show you that no matter what; you’re always going to be important to me and that I’ll always want you in my life, even as one of the best friends I’ve ever known.

Thank you for making my life worth it. I love you.

Much love and many thanks for reading,
Chrisselle xo

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