Highschool Never Ends

In today’s society it seem that, while we’re fighting discrimination against some people, we’re almost encouraging it against others. Since when was it society’s place to decide how one singular person should live their life? Since when did it become acceptable to treat people differently, as long as it was seen ‘okay’ by the majority of people, or more importantly by the people in the big chairs with the wads of cash? The truth it, it isn’t, and it should never be. As human beings we’re always comparing ourselves to others, wishing that we had the lives of other people, wishing we had better jobs, better homes, better bodies and better everything. But when does the time come that we accept what we are given and let other people get on with the lives they have chosen?

It is illegal to call someone of another race a racial slur, and rightly so – but when did it then become okay to call someone of a different body type unacceptable? When did it become one person’s decision to tell someone that they looked bad, or that they should give up the bad habit that they themselves have never dealt with? It isn’t acceptable, and the reaction to any form of discrimination should be the same. It should not be accepted under any circumstance.

Calling someone out for being gay, being of different ethnicity or having a physical disability makes you look like you’re stuck in the dark ages. So why is it not the same for people who are mentally ill, overweight, underweight or any different from you? It’s not. It’s discrimination and the person doing it is a bully who should have learned to grow up in the playground instead of being halfway through adult life, still dragging their knuckles behind them. I genuinely pity people who feel like they have to go through life telling other people how to live theirs. It must be so draining to have so much hatred seeping through your body that you feel the need to let everyone know about it. It must be tiring not being able to walk down the street without having to tell at least one person what you think of the way they look or the life choices they make. It must be absolutely mind-numbing to only be able to have a social circle of people as cynical and as caveman as yourself.

I have never once had the uncontrollable urge to tell a strange that the skirt they’re wearing shows off more of their flabby legs than is deemed socially acceptable, I’ve never once felt the need to condemn someone for liking food or for enjoying a cigarette or an alcoholic beverage – and I don’t understand how someone could be so full of rage that they would feel the need to tell someone how they should live their life. What other people think of us is none of our business, and if only the people thinking these awful things would realise this then I think the world would be a much more acceptable place.

Instead of the government reprimanding overweight people, smokers, drinkers, disabled people etc. why are they not putting more effort into stopping the things that are actually ruining our country? Like vandalism, murderers, rapists, NHS cuts, job cuts, the recession? It’s perfectly okay to blame the general public for the downfall of society, apparently. But without a respectable government, who are we supposed to look to for hope? Everywhere in the UK is being hit by crippling recession. Everyone wants a job, but there are simply no jobs around. For example, for every retail position available in Scotland it is estimated that at least 500 people apply for each position. You don’t have to be Carol Vordaman to be able to do the maths on that one. Create jobs and it will stop unemployment. Put money into businesses instead of into your pockets. There is no cure for ignorance, and even the government seems to suffer from that.

So, my solution is this- If someone is happy then who are you to tell them how to live their life? If they know the risks of binge drinking, over eating or smoking then why should you be the one arrogant enough to point out their own ignorance? People have the right to make their own choices in this life, and I say that it’s about time they were allowed to. If they’re not harming anyone but themselves then why should it concern a stranger? Why should someone feel so important that they think that them calling someone ‘fat’ is going to make that person change their lifestyle?

The progress our society has made concerning the equal rights of women, homosexuals and different races is staggering – but we’re a long way off being sorted. There has to be an end to this before we raise more and more generations of cavemen and women. Leave them in the dark ages along with their views, and educate yourself and your children that people of all creeds and colours are going through difficult times in their own life, and it is not – in any shape or form – acceptable or healthy for you to take your own misfortunes out on others. If you’re unhappy with your own life, making someone else miserable isn’t going to fix it, the only thing you can do is find your own piece of happiness and let other people find theirs too.


Thanks for reading this long and very overdue rant! Much love!

C xx

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  1. I can’t agree more that people in general need to back off from other people’s business. And I think we have all experienced being judged in some way or another, if not regularly!
    I don’t think it’s the case that people need to shut off their emotions and become ignorant to others, but rather stop being so narrow minded and have a broader perspective.

    It is more difficult than it sounds however, staying true to your own principals while being open to others. While some things might be easy to welcome and appreciate, other things might not be so.
    For instance, I don’t drink, at all. Even if people don’t say it I can see the look on their face half the time showing exactly what their thinking!
    It’s odd, yes for someone to say especially on our Great British culture. Let alone someone at my age (27). I haven’t had alcohol for almost 10 years, it’s just a personal choice.
    Given that, I would find it very difficult to be around a group who wanted to go on a pub crawl, or binge drink at the weekend. So guess what? I make sure I’m not involved in any of that. That’s the choice we have as individuals. Am I gong to stand outside a club with a sign demanding other do what I do? Nope! Will I decry and judge every person I see becoming a little tipsy? Certainly not.
    Because that would be rude, and I have no right doing that. I have every right to believe in and choose to do something different from others but in a civilised society you have to respect that everyone else has those rights to.

    But here is where I become the devils advocate…
    What if the person was close to you, and you cared for them? Being blunt and being truthful can hurt. Forcing your views onto that person because you KNOW it’s for the best. To protect them, help them because you care. Would you still not do it? Would you keep quite then?

    Sometimes listening to others is the best and easiest thing you can do to help yourself. Trouble is you need to get over your own pride.

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