Show Your Scars, That’s Who You Are

Everytime I walk past a fashion store, or open a fashion magazine.. I’m bored. And I’m not just talking about because it’s the same models, the same poses, I’m bored because every thing that is shown in these stores or magazines is being worn by every other single person walking around that very store or buying that very magazine. When did humans start relying on a piece of paper or a piece of plastic molded into a mannequin to tell them how to dress?

Clothes are supposed to be an extension of the person that’s wearing them, and when every person is wearing the same thing because it’s in ‘style’, how does that extend your personality? I literally live in a plaid shirt, a dress and leggings. Do I think that shows my personality? A little bit, I think it shows that I like simplistic things, and that I’m a little all over the place as well as a bit different to your typical girl.

Basically what I’m saying is this; You pick your clothes, not the other way around. If you like wearing something, wear it. I’m not saying that just because you like a style, that you shouldn’t wear it, but instead what I’m saying is that you should wear what you feel comfortable in. You love your skinnies but the latest fashion rag says they’re last seasons thing? Why should that stop you wearing it? If you love them, wear them. Don’t let someone who’s never even met you determine what you should and shouldn’t wear.

Style is one thing that people use to label others with; If you wear plaid you’re a hipster, if you wear nu-rox you’re a goth. If you wear a short skirt you’re a slut, if you wear a tracksuit you’re a chav. What happened to being a human? I think that’s what’s one of the saddest things, when someone can’t wear one thing without being defined as an other.

Confidence is what makes someone sexy, it’s their personality, it’s the twinkle in their eye or the way that they make you laugh. It’s not the clothes that they wear, or the make-up on their face. I would love to have the confidence, of say, Beth Ditto or Missy Elliot, they walk into a room and people pay attention to them, not the clothes on their body or the number on the scales. They’re two of the most beautiful women that I have ever come across, and they both inspire me to be myself, simply because they broke the mold on what beautiful should be, as did P!nk.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this; Clothes shouldn’t be something that you starve yourself to fit into, they shouldn’t be something that defines the person you are. But instead, they should be something you use to embrace your body, and your uniqueness. They’re something that should be used to embrace you, as the person you are, not the body in the magazine or on the mannequin.

I love each and every one of you, and I really do mean that. You’re all completely beautiful, and it’s not because of the clothes you wear, but because of the person you are; The person that cares enough about someone’s life to read a 500+ words blog on their opinion. You’re someone that’s going to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small.

Many thanks and much love,

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  1. Chrisselle is a very strong bold character,I myself have a large ish character too,when we first met we argued,well slagged each other off,then we lived together,and saw a lil of each others other side,Chrisselle made a difference to my world and got me thru Christmas,as I want to celebrate Christmas and being alive,same as birthdays etc,but for some reason,those close to me,dont want to bother,Im very confused by this,but Chrisselle,stood her ground missed her huge family Christmas,and lived in our tiny tiny family,for a while,Im unsure what the future holds for any of us,but I kinda want to say,I kinda like Chrisselle,she has a way of actually caring just enough,when no one else does.Im adopted,so was given away at birth,and have always struggled with relationships well as I got older a little,in actual fact,I was Mrs Popular,till I married a gay,police man….this aint a joke,this is my life,I only have my son,and since the break up of my marriage(no he wasnt the gay police man,he was husband number 2)My son,has struggled to be”with divorced parents,but there are many of us,folks make many mistakes,and I never judged my own parents and their marriage,for who can say what goes on between 2 people.Im unsure If Chrisselle or my son will keep i touch with me,and as Im now older and more disabled,everyone turns away.Im glad I got 2 Mothers day cards this year………but past months have felt very neglected,Chrisselle,you made me feel needed,even if it was only a place to kip”and thanks for it all

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