The Power of Words

Want to know the one thing that I’ve noticed these past few weeks, other than the fabulous weather that the UK has been having? Just how angry it makes me that larger people feel the need to cover up an uncomfortable amount during the heatwave in fear of being taunted or offending someone for what they are wearing.

I recently seen a girl wearing jogging bottoms, two t-shirts and a hoody in 28C heat, she looked uncomfortably warm and exhausted from the heat. There is no logic in wearing so many layers in a heat like that other than being too scared to show your body – I’ve been there, and some days I’m still there.

I remember dreading summer because I knew that I was going to be hot and sweaty and want to be covered up to avoid stares and comments being made about how I ‘shouldn’t’ wear certain things just because they came in my size.

The question is who gives society the right to dictate what people should and shouldn’t wear? The answer is the individual themselves. If you don’t let people get to you with their stares and comments, then there is no power in their words. You are the only person who can decide if what someone says is going to affect you, and more importantly how it will affect you. For example, if someone said to me that I ‘look like that girl from My Mad Fat Diary’ then I would be flattered, because Sharon Rooney is gorgeous, but some people may see that as an insult purely because of the word ‘fat’. Now, let’s just take a look at the word fat.



Noun: a natural oily or greasy substance occurring in animal bodies, esp. when deposited as a layer under the skin or around certain organs.

Adjective: (of a person or animal) Having a large amount of excess flesh.

So, looking at the official definition of the word, there isn’t really anything insulting about it, is there? I mean yes, I do have excess flesh, but the majority of that is from losing weight – and I could get that removed, but the truth is I value my life more than my body and I would much rather live a life with some extra flesh than increase my chance of death my voluntarily putting myself through a dangerous procedure.

Now, if we looked at the Urban Dictionary definition of ’fat’ then that would be a different story, but the thing is; there is no power in words unless you put that power there. If you were to read through the dictionary, you would simply see words with no power other than the power to create sentences and stories with them, so why can’t we see words like that all of the time?

Just because a word can have venom behind it, does not make it important. Live life the way YOU want to, and don’t pay attention to those people who feel the need to pass their own insecurities onto you!

I wore a dress without tights this week. Guess what? The world did not end! I then wore shorts, and I didn’t cause the zombie apocalypse! And more importantly, I enjoyed the heat instead of suffering in it.

All I’m saying is that you should wear what you are comfortable in, and what you like. Not what society says is socially acceptable for you to wear. Love that new dress? Wear it! Don’t leave it stored away for the moths to enjoy.

I know from personal experience that this can be hard, and it can be hard to find clothes that you feel comfortable in and enjoy from a fashion point of view, but you are not alone in the big beautiful world and you can find inspiration and tips from some fabulous people out there.

Tess Munster (@TessMunster) is a beautiful lady who is encouraging people on (and off of) Instagram to #effyourbeautystandards and accept yourself for who you are. Following this lady has given me the confidence to say #effyourbeautystandards and enjoy the clothes that I would have previously hidden away from.

Honor Curves (@HonorCurves) is another of my body acceptance idols. You can find her and her #honormycurves movement on Instagram and on Twitter. She’s out there making sure that women of all shapes and sizes remember to honour their bodies instead of judging them. We only get one body, and there is no point in going through life hating the shell you are in. Honor is a great inspiration for those looking for tips on how to accept your body.

There is also a HUGE network of plus-size beauty bloggers out there for you to find inspiration from. Don’t give up, and remember to stay fatulous!

Thanks for reading,
Chrisselle xo

Stand A Little Taller

Life has a its own special way of chewing us up and spitting us out, doesn’t it? 

The past seven months of my life has been some of the toughest of my life. Maybe that’s why I’ve took such a long break from blogging– I find it hard to share the tough things with people. I guess I’ve just grown up in an environment where I’ve had to be strong for others and find it scary to drop that wall enough to allow myself to rely on other people being strong for me.

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Day Four – Chasing Down The Sunset

As you guys know, I’ve been kind of absent the past week or so. But the reason for that is because I have been so busy, busy with both personal things and work related issues.

Recently everything’s been all over the place, emotions included. I think with the recent devastation in Japan everyone’s really been hit to the core of just how important life is. I just want to quickly mention that my heart goes out to everyone affected, whether it be directly or because you have family or friends that have been harmed. My thoughts are with you all.

I’ve been all over the place personally too, I don’t know why. I think it’s just with the whole coming home from Liverpool thing. I miss last week, I miss two weeks ago, I miss three weeks ago. I miss being able to do what I like, when I wanted to. I guess I miss the freedom of doing what makes me happy, and of course I miss everyone down there with all of my heart.

I’ve been trying to spread myself out so that everyone can have some time with me, and I’ve hardly had time for me. But I’ve loved it, I’ve loved being productive, the only thing I’ve not loved is the sheer stress of it all. But thankfully I’ve got amazing people in my life that talk me down when I’m too stressed. I love every single  one of them.

So yeah, this is just a short post really to give you all an update, and to apologize  for being distant. I thought I’d also let you guys know what’s helping me cope with all this stress and keeping me sane!

These are the websites that are always in my most visited, talented and inspiring young people for you to check out!

HammyHavoc.Com@hammyhavoc‘s personal website where you can keep up to date with all the news from Havoc studios also including Hammy’s personal blog.

Pangela.Com @AngelaPangela00‘s blog and the home of my latest interview about @dontloseurgrip.

Clikyz.Com@hammyhavoc and @fanboycraig’s clothing store. Who doesn’t love some retail therapy?! So stoked for my Bloody Medic Now! shirt!

PreviousMagazine.ComGreat site whether you want the latest news on fashion, art or even food. Also home to an other interview about #DLYG.

And last but not least, you should check out the changes over on the Don’t Lose Your Grip website;

Much love and many thanks to you. Check out the DLYG site for an update in a few hours regarding the exciting news we’ve been keeping you guys in suspense for!


Day Two- Someone Like You

My blog posts are usually about people that inspire me or people that I love. But this time, this post is about the people that made me believe I couldn’t so what I wanted, it’s about the people that said I was doing the wrong thing when I knew in my heart that what I was doing was right for me. This post is a ‘fuck you’ to the people that doubted I would ever amount to anything, and a chance for you guys to see a different side to me.

I’ve never ‘fitted in’ I guess you could say. I’ve been bullied my entire life, and sometimes not only by strangers. You see, in my eyes, bullying means putting someone down or singling them out. And let’s face it, everyone does it.

This post is a thank you to the people that inspired me to trust my gut instinct, the one that told me to prove them wrong.

People always ask me what the inspiration behind Don’t Lose Your Grip is, or why I’m so ‘strong’. But, y’see in my eyes, I’m not all that strong. I’m just stubborn.

I get called different a lot, and I like it. I like being different to everyone else, and I’m slowly becoming proud of the person that I’m becoming. I’m proud of how I stand behind what I believe with everything I have and don’t let anyone change my mind when it’s set.

I’ve been bullied about a lot of things in my life; My weight, my parents’ ages, my dad’s disability and even how frizzy my hair is. Being bullied is the worst feeling in the world, it’s as if you go to school, the one place where your parents can’t protect you and everything comes crashing down. But trust me, it does get better, it makes you a stronger person, and it gives you the motivation to prove to them that you’re better than them, that you don’t need to bring someone down to make your life worth living.

Life is about exactly that, it’s about living. My mom always says “You’re alive, but are you living?” I’d say that at the age of nineteen with a good group of friends, a strong family support network, an incredible boyfriend and countless successful projects, that I really am living my life to the full. And you know what makes it all that little bit more special? The fact that I can look in the mirror and feel proud of the person looking back at me.

So this is to you, every single person that’s ever put me down. Thank you for making me realize that I’d be a fool to trust everyone, thank you for proving to me that if I follow my heart then I won’t be disappointed. Thank you for being a pain in my life for x amount of time, and thank you for making me stronger. I hope that your kids turn into the complete opposite of you, and don’t make the same mistakes as you did. I hope that people can trust them and that they don’t become social outcasts due to them being so self absorbed that they forget the fact that other people have feelings.

I guess this post is almost complete; I’ve wasted 19 years of my life explaining myself to people, and I don’t intend to continue.

Before I go, I thought you should know that every “You’ll never make it.” “You’re stuck up” “You’re fat and ugly.. why would anyone want you?” and “You’re worthless” simply makes me work harder, firstly to prove you wrong, and secondly to save the generations to come from the pain I’ve gone through.

Much love, Chrisselle.

I’m Willing To Take The Risk

Hey there guys, I just thought it was time for a catch up, both a personal and professional one, as there’s a lot going on right now and I’ve not really had the time to blog, or talk to many of you guys about it, so here’s my chance.

It’s 9AM on a Tuesday morning, I’m sitting in bed talking to Hammy and listening to Adele’s new album, 21, I’m in love with this album. It is seriously incredible! And on another plus note, as I’m sitting here.. I’m completely and blissfully happy.

Now, that could be to do with the fact that I have chocolate for breakfast, or the fact that it’s ridiculously sunny outside considering it’s the 1st of March, or it could even be the fact that it’s a new month, and a new start. Either way, all I know is that nothing could dent my mood right now.

Yesterday Hammy and I went for a day out to West Kirby, I’ve been wanting to get some shots of The Wirral for a while now, and for once I’m actually proud of the shots I did get, I shall upload them later on today for you guys to have a peek at, but in the meantime you can have a look at some of them on my Facebook.

While I was writing this blog I got bad news and couldn’t find the creative spark to write with again, many apologies and here I am finally posting it ten days later!

Okay, so as you guys know I’ve been in Liverpool for the past month; I go home tomorrow, and honestly, I’m already feeling homesick for here! I wish that I could have everyone I love in the place that I love, so if you guys in Livingston ever feel the urge to move to Liverpool with me, feel free!

But yeah, on a more serious note, I honestly feel so much more like me in Liverpool for some strange reason. Maybe it’s because I’m away from home with no parents trying to tell me what to do and what not to do, or maybe it’s simply because I feel more grown up, and therefore more like the person I want to be. Maybe it’s because I’ve only got a few ties here, and no-one else really knows me. I’m not sure, maybe I just feel more like me when I’m in a town that reminds me of where I grew up and had so many happy memories.

I’ve recently been working on Don’t Lose Your Grip, as may of you know, it’s a summer project that I’m planning to do in July, involving a fashion show and a charity concert. All of the money that we raise will be going to suicide and eating disorder helplines. Both of these causes are ridiculously close to my heart, having lost a friend and a family member both to suicide. People need to realize that there is plenty of help out there, and that’s the aim of our project, to make people believe in humanity again, and to remember that we’re simply one species trying to survive. You can find Don’t Lose Your Grip on Twitter & Facebook, you can also check out a recent interview I done with Previous Magazine.

Right now though, I’m in such a hurry to pack and get ready,  and I’ve got SO much more to tell you guys, but it’ll have to wait until I’m back on Scottish soil!

Much love and many thanks!