Feeling Mushy – Mush: The Social Network for Mums

Becoming a mum is the most daunting thing that most women will ever face. You can adore being a mum, love the nighttime feeds and the conversations of babbles, but you’re still allowed to feel like you’ve suddenly been cut off from society.

One of the toughest adjustments that becoming a mum has brought for me is the isolation. As someone who has studied or worked in one of the UK’s biggest cities for the past four years, suddenly feeling confined to the sleepy little village that I live in has been a bit of a culture shock.

I mean, sure, I could bundle Hallie’s 1 million things up, get her in the buggy, make myself the human version of Buckaroo and four hours later, away we go to navigate public transport and deal with crowds of people being annoyed by my crying baby… but somedays, the thought of that makes me want to lock my door and never leave the house again.

My biggest issue is that I don’t drive, but I live MILES away from all of my friends and my family. Now, the simple thing to do would be to make more friends locally, but if you thought making friends as a teenager was bad, it’s even harder as an adult, that is until I discovered the wonderful Mush.

Mush, mush mums, feeling mushy, mush app for mums

Mush is the incredible brainchild of London mums Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor – adding to their brood of actual children. 

Sarah and Katie met in a rainy playground three years ago when they were both getting to grips with having ‘two under two’. That chance meeting led to them becoming firm friends, and left them wondering why there wasn’t a better way to find mums in the same boat.

They launched Mush in May 2016 and there are now hundreds of thousands of users around the world using the app.

The primary purpose of Mush is for mums to make friends and see that there are plenty of us out there in the same boat, not only by being able to talk to nearby mums or further afield mums (coming in the next few months), but there is also entertaining content in the form of Mush guides. 

Mush guides let us see that we’re not the only ones who think our homes have suddenly been taken over by tiny dictators who rule every aspect of our lives from now on. (They totally do rule every aspect, but lets pretend otherwise) Mush guides are entertaining, honest, and great company for night feeds, or when you’ve just got said tiny dictator down for an afternoon nap and you daren’t risk moving in fear of waking them.

What I love most about Mush is the ability to see nearby mums, and thanks to an update in Q3 2017, nearby places that those mums have recommended. Recommendations include things like price range, parking, closeness to transport, if the place is breast feeding friendly and the all important buggy friendliness!

Being able to see nearby mums allows you to interact with people within your community that you may not have encountered otherwise. The app allows you to set a distance in which you would like to search for mums (Think Tinder, but without the dick pics).

On each persons profile is space for a photo, a blurb about themselves along with their name, how many children they have, the gender of their children and how old their children are.

Mush has two primary ways to connect with other users. There’s the Mush-ups section of the apps which is a great forum for any questions that you face in the journey of motherhood, or if you’re maybe looking to pass or sell-on any of your babies things that they have outgrown. The best thing about this section of the app however, is that this is where you are able to organise ‘Mush-ups’ in your area. It’s a nice, non-formal way of saying ‘Hi, can we be friends?’, it also shows you just how many other mums are in the same position as you are.

The other way to communicate is via your inbox – for messages between you and those you connect with via the app, which is great if you find a mum nearby who you really hit it off with!

I’ve so far made one really good friend via Mush who lives 5 minutes away, has a little girl who is two weeks younger than Hallie and has recently joined the same mother and baby group that we have attended since Hallie was 5 weeks old (more on that in another blog). Meeting my Mush Mum friend has shown me that this boat may feel lonely at times, but that there is definitely always someone else holding another oar in the same boat.

I think one of the things that people forget to tell you throughout pregnancy is just how important it is to have other mum friends who live nearby, I wish I’d had the heads up as to just how isolating motherhood is and had known about Mush sooner. So here’s your rally cry – download Mush here or in the app store/Google play and make motherhood that little bit more lovely.


NOTE: This is not a paid ad in any way, shape or form. Mush is an app that advocates for all of the things that I do, and it’s something that I feel other mums and mums to be need to know about. I’ve even praised it to my health visitor and she has also started recommending it to other mums. 

Have Courage and Be Kind

My darling girl,

This week you’re going to turn four months old, and I’m already dumbfounded by where the time has gone.

Gone are the days of 3oz bottles and our Teen Mom 2 marathons at 1AM during a night feed, and gone are the days of your newborn cry. Instead that baby who was once so dependant has been replaced by a fiery, funny independent little girl with the best personality.

A little girl who wants so desperately to be able to sit up, to show anyone and everyone her feet that she’s recently discovered, to spend her life under her play gym instead of in your arms and loves nothing more than a raspberry being blown on her tummy.

The newborn cry has been replaced with new sounds depending on how you’re feeling. You have different cries for different needs, you have an angry shout and a beautiful giggle to match your beautiful smile.

The past four months have been a whirlwind and I’m left thinking “did I enjoy them enough?”, “Should we have cuddled more?”, “Should you want to be so independent already?” and the ever-present “am I doing it* correctly?”. *it being motherhood

We’re four months in to your precious life and that has had me thinking about all the wonderful things that lay before us. Your first steps, your first words, your first birthday… all of your firsts. Will time ever slow down or will I be left feeling exactly the same as I do now when I sit in your empty bedroom when you move out? Will I remember those night feeds as I do up your wedding dress? Will I always see the little fiery girl who lays beside me now?

Parents have numerous hopes for their children. Hopes of great educations and successful jobs. Hopes of love and friendships. Hopes of travel and adventure.

For you, Hallie, I hope two things. I hope that throughout your life you will always have courage and always be kind. If you’re able to do these two things, then the rest will come.

I wish for you to have the courage to pursue your dreams – whatever they may be, and that you have the ability to ignore those who doubt them. I hope you have the courage to take your life in the direction you wish, to share it with those you love and admire, and to enjoy every single moment of it. Have the courage to stand up for yourself against bullies, whatever guise they enter your life under. Have the courage to tell people no – unless it’s when you’re a toddler and the thing asked of you is to put on your shoes. In that case please just put on your shoes

Have the courage to live life to the fullest, and know that you will forever be loved unconditionally.

Be kind to everyone you meet, for you never know what someone is going through. Be kind to those who are unkind, as those are the ones who need kindness most. Be kind to your parents – old age doesn’t come itself, and again, those night feeds brought some wrinkles along with those precious memories. Be kind to your friends, they will love you regardless of the decisions you make.

Most importantly though, my darling girl, be kind to yourself. Know that you are valued, loved and adored. Know that you have changed lives in these short four months. Know that you deserve happiness and adventure. Know that you will make mistakes, but that everyone has and continues to do so too. Know that everyone who looks like they have it all together, could just be really great actors.

Take time to have a bath, take time to read, to watch that trashy TV show. Take time for you, make time for you and always, always, remember that your dad and I will be cheering you on. Always.

We got this, Stinker.

Three is the magic number.


Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Hello strangers!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! I’ve been so busy with life in the real world that I’ve been struggling to keep my poor little blog updated. But here I am two days before Christmas holed up in my boyfriend’s bedroom and making sure that I have some time to up date you all as we come to the end of another roller coaster of a year!

2013 has definitely been a roller coaster, but thankfully with more ups than downs. This is the first year where I have felt that I’ve definitely figured out who I am and where I want to go in life, and that is honestly the best feeling in the world. I know who I am and for once I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in life. I’ve never had that before, I’ve never felt so settled and comfortable in my own skin, and I guess you could say that is down to a few factors. Let’s see what those factors are, shall we?

1. Confidence – This year I made a resolution to myself that I was going to try and be more confident in my appearance and start wearing clothes that I would normally lust after but never actually purchase. I’ve always hidden behind the fact that I’m not really a girly girl in order to get away with not wearing pretty dresses or short skirts, but this year I promised myself that I was going to start wearing whatever the hell I liked, and if people had an issue with that then that was there problem. It’s been a year of bright colours, short skirts, dresses and no shame. It has been such a liberating feeling to go out wearing clothes that I like and not feel bad for wearing them. Sure, now and then I’ll get a comment or a stare, but I don’t care about those anymore. They would have destroyed me a while ago, but now I know that it’s their issue; not mine. I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m happy in my life and what I wear does not define me as a person.

2. People – Being surrounded by loving and supportive people has helped greatly in my journey to self acceptance. I’ve got great friends, a wonderful close family who support me no matter what, a fantastic college class full of a mixture of the most talented and odd people that I’ve ever met – they’ve definitely got me through the first term of college, but more on that later!- and of course, last but not least, I have the love of a good man to get me through even my darkest moments. He makes everything seem safe and that is a wonderful feeling. He’s been in my life for six months now, but it feels like he’s always been there. We’re just two matching pieces of a puzzle, and it feels absolutely lovely to share that bond with someone.

3. Belief – As you all know, I’m not the religious type. But that does not mean that I don’t have a belief system, it simply means that I believe in something a little different from the majority of today’s society. I believe in people, and I think that if more people did then the world would be a much nicer place. I believe that no matter how anxious I feel about something, it will no be the end of the world. I believe that every little thing that happens in our lives happens for a reason. I believe that what is for us will not pass us by, and I believe that it is our duty to grab those things with both hands and make the moments perfect instead of waiting for the perfect moments.

So there, the three things that have made this year my most self-confident year yet. I’m so content with life right now that there are only a few things that could knock me off of this cloud; but I’m not going to discuss them in this post. This post is a yearly roundup and I’m hoping to leave it on a positive note!

So, top ten things that happened this year?

  •  Deciding that life isn’t about what other people think
  • Interviewing one of my idols, Rae Earl
  • Being given my own column in the Konect Directory
  • Landing a job as a photography intern
  • Starting college and learning more and more about photography
  • Meeting Andrew and finding the wonderful love that we share
  • Coffee mornings for DLYG
  • Hitting 5,000 followers on the Don’t Lose Your Grip twitter account!
  • Reconnecting with my oldest niece, Chloe
  • Being proud of the person that I am today

It may not be the longest list in the world, but if I were to go through every great thing that happened this year then I would be here all day.

Over the years I’ve learned that life isn’t about physical things, but in the moments that surround you every day. This year has been full of wonderful moments that I will never forget, and the majority of those would not have happened had it not been for the people that are in my life. The people who are by my side no matter what.

As we come close to the end of the year, my head is full of ideas and hope for 2014. There are a lot of people out there who can’t wait for this year to be over, but to be honest I’m sitting here daring next year to try and be better than this year, and I’m sure it will be.

I want to wish all of you a magical Christmas and wonderful new year when it comes. Keep your eyes peeled for a more in depth update in the new year that will include a run-down of our hopes for Don’t Lose Your Grip and Chrisselle.com in 2014. Things are getting exciting, and I’m so glad that I get to share this journey with you all.

Much love,

Chrisselle xox

Everything Happens For a Reason

We’ve all been told at some point in our lives that ”Everything happens for a reason.” or that ”What’s for you won’t go by you.” but just how often do you actually take those words on board and see the positives in the negative things that you experience?
I know more than anyone that the negatives of life can sometimes trick our brains into think that the positives don’t outweigh the negatives, but if you sit down and really think about it – and I mean really think about it, you’ll realise that they do.

If you were to write down a list of everything good that has happened in your life, and just how momentus they were to your life then I think you would be shocked by just how much positivity surrounds every single one of us. Whether it’s a smile from a stranger, or graduating from University with the grade you’ve worked hard for; all of these can change our perspectives and I think it’s time that we started focusing more on them as a society than focusing on the negativity that comes to play every day of our lives.
It’s time for us to wake up in the morning with excitement in our hearts instead of fear.

Think of the scariest thing you have ever done, and how absolutely terrified you were to do it – now, no matter the outcome, be it the one you hoped for or the one you dreaded – are you still here? Did the world end? Did it destroy you? The answer is you’re still here, ready for more and you just have to get your brain into thinking the same as your heart and courage.
I remember being terrified to leave the house most days – and I still have those days when my head is really bad, but you know what? I get up, and I go out. Even if it’s just to the shop. I just need to show myself that I can do it, and that nobody – not even myself is going to stop me from doing it.
Since realising this I have made so many of my own dreams come true, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m not cured – not by any means, but I’m in control of my anxiety instead of it being in control of me.
I’ve realised that every little thing that has ever happened in my life has brought me to this exact moment in time, with the people I have around me and the things that I am achieving being results of every bad experience, and more importantly, every good experience. We can’t go forward before going backwards, and there’s no light without darkness. You just need to try and stay positive and you will achieve the things you want to.

It sounds a lot easier than it is, I’m not going to deny that, but what I’m trying to say is that at the end of the day, every single minute of your life is worth it!
Never, ever think that it’s not, and if you ever do, then I have a challenge for you – ask your closest friend three things that they love about you. Then, when you know them write them on some sticky notes and put them on your mirror. Now, anytime that you have a negative thought or experience I want you to replace the negative words with one of these (or all three) and hopefully that will make you realise that what you see in yourself isn’t what everyone else sees – everyone else sees the beautiful, brave and wonderful human being that you are.

Thank you for reading,
Chrisselle xo

Stand A Little Taller

Life has a its own special way of chewing us up and spitting us out, doesn’t it? 

The past seven months of my life has been some of the toughest of my life. Maybe that’s why I’ve took such a long break from blogging– I find it hard to share the tough things with people. I guess I’ve just grown up in an environment where I’ve had to be strong for others and find it scary to drop that wall enough to allow myself to rely on other people being strong for me.

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Day Nine – This Moment Seems So Long

Hello lovelies! Well, as you can tell my whole 30 Days Of Blogs thing isn’t going exactly to plan, although I’m still going to continue doing it! I’ve not posted everyday, but I’ve done the closest to it that I could. But yeah, on to the blog.

Well, as far as weekends go, I’d say that I’ve had a pretty good one especially considering the week I’ve had. On Friday night I decided to stay at my brother’s house and his girlfriend and I had a sleepover. We watched a movie and ate cakes and pizza, it was just what I needed. Something else that made my night was seeing my nieces. If you remember in my last blog, I spoke about Isla and how she seems to make the world a better place with just one smile. Well, she did. On my way to Jenni’s I popped into the shop to pick up some goodies for us and just as I was heading for the checkout I saw my ex, now he wasn’t just any ex, no, he was the one that wrecked my trust of guys. I think what made seeing him worse, was the fact that he smiled at me. I don’t think I’ve been that angry in a long time, but as soon as I got into Jenni’s, Isla turned around and smiled at me with her arms up. The anger? Yeah, that completely disappeared.


I love my Isla Bee

Family is the one thing that I don’t really blog about much, which considering I come from a family with 12 kids, is pretty surprising. I don’t know why I don’t do it, probably because they piss me off so much at times that I have nothing to write about them. But one thing I ever write about is how much I love them. My family have seen me through so much, and even now they’re getting me through a hard time, one that we both know well.

Every family is different, and people would probably think that my family is pretty odd. I mean, to be honest with you, my family is an odd one. We’re really open with each other, and you’re guaranteed that if you’re spending time with my family you will be infected with laughter. We have a lot of fun, but it’s not all fun and games. You see, we were brought up with the mindset “If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?” We’ve all been through some really hard times, but it’s at those times that we’ve shown just how strong a family we are. When push comes to shove I know that my family will stand by me, and they know I’ll stand by them.

Speaking of family, you guys may remember how one of the facts in my 100 Facts About Me was that my sister was the only person that knew everything I’d been through. This weekend I’ve spent time with her and it’s so nice just to be able to spend time with her. She’s 29 weeks pregnant which means she’s only got 11 weeks until her babba is here. I’m so proud of her, she’s going to be such an amazing mum that words can’t even describe how lucky this baby is going to be. Yesterday we went and spent time with my dad, which is something we do every Sunday and on the way back we popped into the store and got the supplies to bake a cake. It was so much fun, and it made the week that’s been one of the toughest for me for a while end on a high.

The end product of a family Sunday.

I guess what this post is really about is family. It’s kind of a reminder to you guys and even to me, that family are the people that will love you endlessly, yeah they may piss us off and we my have ridiculous arguments. But at the end of the day, your family is where your life began, don’t take that for granted.

Love and thanks,

Day Eight – Dog Days Are Over

I don’t actually know what I’m going to blog about right now, but I’m just going to type what ever come to my mind.. or rather my heart. One or the other, but yeah I have a feeling this could get personal.

I was working on the DLYG Twitter account yesterday when I saw someone tweet a twitlonger of about 700 words, and each one of them was negative about the person that posted it. The only way to put how I felt into words is that it broke my heart.

People seem to have forgot what it’s like to be nice to each other, not only that, but they’ve forgot how to be nice to themselves. Too many people are living their life a certain way just to please other people, be it parents, friends, or other people that are close to them. But, at the end of the day, why should you live your life a certain way to make someone else happy? The only person that has to be happy with how you live is you. The people that really care about you will support you, no matter how they feel about it. At the end of the day, your life shouldn’t affect their’s.

It scares me how many people my age there is that don’t see a way forward, what terrifies me more is the fact that there’s people even younger than me that are so depressed that they only light they can see is suicide.

Life is about living, no matter how hard it can be. It’s about scraping your knees, getting a grass stain on your favourite pair of shorts, it’s about playing in the swing-park even though you’re a teenager. It’s about beautiful sights that you’re lucky to see, it’s about falling in love, it’s about doing what makes you happy. It’s about friends, family, BBQs, and anything else you can think of that puts a smile on your face. Life is about smiles.

Life isn’t something that you’re born knowing how to do. I’m still learning how to live, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I don’t think you ever stop learning really, I think you just learn how to cope with things differently.

Basically, what I’m saying is this: Don’t let someone live their life through you, do what makes you happy and enjoy it. Smile more, laugh more, see pretty sites, kiss with all of your heart, hug like you’re never going to let go and maybe, just maybe you’ll start to see the beautiful things that are left in the world.

Speaking of beautiful things, today I get to see my baby niece. I’ve not seen her in six weeks, now yeah, that may not seem like much to you. But I’m used to seeing her every other day, so you can imagine just how much I miss her! She has this ridiculous way of just making me smile even if she’s screaming about how she wants her pacifier. She’s 10 months old, and what gives her this power is her innocence. She doesn’t know what judgement is yet, and that’s something so pure. She doesn’t care who you are, if you look at her she’ll give you a huge gummy smile and a little giggle.

Maybe that’s what humanity needs? To forget what judgement is and to realize that we’re all human.

Much love and many thanks for reading,

Day Three – Welcome To My Silly Life

I thought this post could be a little insight into my life, and let you guys know who inspired me to become the person I am today. It’s more a list than a blog I guess, but hopefully it’ll let you guys into my mind a little more than some of the other posts I’ve put up for you guys.

These people are listed in no particular order, because each of them have had an equal impact on my life.

P!nk (Alecia Beth Moore)

Everyone knows who P!nk is, she’s a huge artist, an incredible live performer an inspiring activist and a voice for those who can’t be heard. But to me? To me she’s so much more. I don’t think there’s one P!nk song that I can’t relate to, she’s such an incredible human being, never mind artist. She inspires me by the way she carries herself and how she deals with the media, and she also inspires me through her music. She’s the reason I’m still alive, and for that I will always be thankful to her.

Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is a British author, her books were the first books to ever get me interested in reading, the first books to ever have an impact on my life and the books that inspired me to become a writer. She made being unique ‘okay’ and that definitely had a huge impact on my life during my preteen and early teen years. Even to this day she still inspires me.

Beth Ditto (The Gossip)

Beth Ditto is just one of those women that as soon as you hear her voice, or read an interview with her you realize that you don’t need to be considered ‘normal’ to fit in. She’s a huge inspiration to me, both because of her music and because of the person that she is. If she’s taught me anything it’s to never be afraid to say ‘fuck you’ to people that say you won’t be able to do something.

Hammy Havoc

Hammy Havoc is an incredible young man from Liverpool, UK. If you haven’t heard of him you must have been living under a rock. Hammy’s been in my life for just over a year now, and I couldn’t imagine a day without him. He’s the person that I go to when I need someone, but not only that, he’s the person that’s always there before I need someone. He knows how I’m feeling before he even asks. He inspires me to believe in myself, and that’s something I never thought anyone would be capable of. He inspires me every day just by breathing, and I hope that he knows that. You can’t know Hammy, without loving him. And me? Yeah, I love him with every piece of me. Thank you for saving my life every day.

Lorraine Mowatt (My mother)

Yeah, I’m guessing a lot of you are surprised by that. As much as my mom and I fight, I have a huge amount of respect for her. She raised four kids by herself and held two jobs down (at the same time). She’s supported each of us, and protected us to the best of her ability. She’s strong, and I wish I was even half as strong as her at times.

My Family

Yes, my family as a whole are in inspiration to me. We’ve been through some things that would tear a family apart at the seams, but somehow we’ve managed to hold on to each other and remain a strong family unit. Yeah sure, we may piss each other off, but I know that when it comes down to it I have a huge family support network that would help me out of any situation.

My Friends

My friends are probably some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. They’re the people that put what’s bothering them to the side to help me with my problems. The people that I know will always be there to help me up if I ever fall down. And the people that make life a whole lot easier.


By ‘you’ I mean exactly that, you reading this, whoever you are inspire me and have a huge impact on my life simply by reading what I have to say. You let me into your life just my listening to me. So thank you, for being a huge impact on someone’s life halfway across the world.

Well, hopefully this post has let you that little bit further into my life. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s mentioned. And to you for reading.

Much love and many thanks,

You’re More Super Than Mario

Another letter for you guys to pry on, this time this one’s for my lovely, amazing friend Jess. Who I love and miss so much. Enjoy!

Dear Jess.
You’re so amazingly beautiful, inside and out. Like seriously, you don’t give yourself enough credit. I know we have this little joke about how you’re my Basically Italian daughter, but honestly? I would be absolutely bursting with pride if, when I have kids, they turn out anything like you.

You’ve made my life so many times in the short time we’ve known each other. You make me happy whenever I feel like killing someone, so I’m pretty sure a lot of people owe their lives to you! I want to thank you for being in my life, not only for giving me amazing advice when I need it, but for also just being you.

You make so many people proud of you, it’s ridiculous. If only the rest of the human population was just like you the world would be a much better place to live. You’re o giving and understanding, so strong and inspiring. You really do make me smile so much.

I promise you, that one day? One day everything’s going to be great. You’re going to have such an amazing life, and that’s because you deserve it. You deserve a guy who’ll make you feel like you’re the only girl to ever fall in love. Friends that are constantly there for you, no matter what’s going on in their lives. A life that you love, and I can’t wait to see you experience it.

So yeah, thank you for being who you are and not some fake conjoured up personality. I love you for who you are and what you do. You make life amazing, never change, because honestly? You’re absolutely perfect, just the way you are.

I’m here for you, always. Friends for life.
All my love, Chrisselle. <3

Size Zero’s Gotta Go

Hello there, this is just going to be a quick blog, just to raise awareness of what’s going on on Twitter currently. There’s this man @MrKennethTong, and after you’re finished reading this, I’d like you all to click here to hopefully get him taken off of Twitter. Why? Because he is a danger to people’s lives.

Now you may be sitting there thinking “Oh, what’s he threatened to do?” “How dangerous is he?” Well, this man isn’t that kind of  threat. Y’see he’s promoting ‘Managed Anorexia’ he says that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, and that if you want to be successful, you’ve gotta be a size zero.

A lot of celebs have got on board about this and they’re all raising awareness too, so many people on Twitter are tweeting about how size doesn’t matter and how you don’t have to be size zero, and it’s lovely to see so many people supporting the same thing in the same place. It was one of those moments where my time-line made me proud to follow everyone that I do follow.

My opinion on the size debate is this; People are far too ignorant to actually give a damn about your appearance, the only reason that they could make a comment and mean it, would be for it to be a flaw they see in themselves and for them to then be projecting that on to you.

I think that the society that we live in today has ended up in the state that it’s in because we care too much about what people think of us. So, what do I think of you? I think that you’re beautiful. “You’ve never seen me though.” I don’t need to see you to tell you that you’re beautiful. I can tell you right now that there’s someone that you mean the world to, and they think you’re the most beautiful thing on this planet. You’re alive that in itself is beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m really self concious about parts of my body, but at the end of the day you only have one body so you may as well start to like it.

The media, in my opinion is the biggest bully in this world. It teaches girls that if they leave the house looking anything but perfect then there will be people judging them, it teaches them that if you’re not a certain size then you’re not ‘normal’. But tell me one thing, how can normality exist in a world along with originality? It can’t. You are who you are, and you should be proud of that person; I’m proud of that person.

Eating disorders aren’t there to be managed, they’re there to be beaten. They are mental disorders, not physical. They are something that should never be promoted or glamorised. They aren’t the way to go. If you really feel like you need to lose weight, see a doctor and do it in a healthy manner; Everyone’s body is different, and we all need more and less of different things, so consult your doctor and see what is best for you. But just remember; The people that love you, love you for who you are not for the size label on your clothes.

Also; I’d just like to mention this blog. It was started by a good friend of mine, and it’s fast becoming a favourite read of mine. According to Aneléne it was my blog that inspired her to be brave enough to ‘go public’ with her life; I’m completely and utterly flattered. So, please check this out and  give the lady herself a follow over on Twitter; @am_mf.

Much love and many thanks for reading.