Politics, Poverty and Petrol Bombs

I’m sure you’re all aware of the recent events that have been going on in the UK. The past week of pure criminal behaviour that has been known to everyone as ‘riots’ has shocked and disgusted not only us here in the UK but also everyone else around the world. And although I may not hail from any of the cities affected by said riots, it still breaks my heart to see my country in such a state of self-destruct.

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Show Your Scars, That’s Who You Are

Everytime I walk past a fashion store, or open a fashion magazine.. I’m bored. And I’m not just talking about because it’s the same models, the same poses, I’m bored because every thing that is shown in these stores or magazines is being worn by every other single person walking around that very store or buying that very magazine. When did humans start relying on a piece of paper or a piece of plasticĀ moldedĀ into a mannequin to tell them how to dress?

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