Warm Fuzzy Feeling

So, you’ll never guess what! I finally got to Liverpool! I’m actually sitting in my new home for the month writing this. I’m all snuggly and warm beside the fire, waiting on Hammy waking up so that we can go grab some food before getting to work.

I know that some people are upset about me getting up on Friday morning and just jumping on the first bus down. And yeah, it may seem a little last minute kinda thing. But really? It isn’t. I’ve been planning to move for months now, and the majority of people have known about it for months. Also, I’m only gone for a month. I do intend on coming back after Christmas. I miss every single person from home, of course I do. But I need to do this for me, I can’t even tell you how badly I had to do this. Put it this way, this trip has more than likely saved my life. I just had to do this for me, and I’m sorry that it’s hurt a few people, and I’m sorry that it seems selfish.

I want to thank you guys, because I couldn’t have done this without the support I’ve been given by so many of you. I love all of you with all of my heart.

So what’s next for me? I honestly, have no clue. I think over the holidays it’s going to be a case of making plans for after the holidays. That’s the way I like my life to be though, constantly changing with the main parts staying the same.

I know that 240 miles may seem like a long way, but in reality, it isn’t. It’s literally only a bus or train ride away. I thought I’d be so much more nervous than I am, but nope, I feel right at home. My ‘home’ will always be where my family is, but my family is everywhere, as long as I’m with someone who I love, I’m at home. Of course it’s scary and new being away from the people I’ve basically grew up with, but I’m 19. It’s time for me to start living my life.

Okay, so enough of the babbling about my own private life, and on with some of the serious subject matters to attend to.

As I’m sure the majority of you are aware, this year is Britain’s worst winter in decades. I know for a fact that right across central Scotland is completely covered in almost waist high snow. And I know that most people, even myself have been complaining that the councils and government haven’t done enough to be ready for this. And I honestly don’t think they have, but you can’t predict the weather. So what can we do to help? Well, if you’re able to, why not get a few people together and grab some snow shovels and help each other out? It’ll be lovely to have some more community spirit, especially around this time of year. It makes sense too, I mean of course, you pay hard earned money to get the services done for you, but at the end of the day… When has paying tax ever payed off?

All I’m saying is how about helping thy neighbour. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I come from one of the roughest areas in Scotland, but surprisingly enough we were all out with shovels and digging cars out as well as a path straight through the snow for people that needed to get out on foot.

I guess all we can really do is work together and hope to god that the council and government are better prepared next time.

I also want to thank First Bus and National Express for being able to deal with such conditions. The drivers were lovely and made me feel completely safe for the majority of my journey, now that’s an achievement on it’s own considering one of my biggest phobias is car crashes.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea where this blog is going. It was supposed to be just a quick update because I’ve been asked on Formspring to keep you guys updated. So I hope this helps!

I have 75 Formspring questions to answer today… I don’t even know how I’m going to think of witty responses for all of these.

Oh, before I forget. One of my best friend’s Angela Wilson wrote a lovely blog about me on Friday, I teared up on the coach because of it. You can find ithere. I love this girl with all my heart, and I hope she knows it! She’s so beautiful, she needs to start sharing some of that pretty around.

I want to say a huge thank you to Hammy Havoc. He doesn’t realize just how incredible he is. I literally feel blessed to know him. I feel right now life is at a place where it’s laying out my future for me, and I get to just sit back and watch it pan out. And I know for certain that Pange and Hammy are both going to be huge factors in my life along with everyone else.

Well, I’m going to head off at the moment and sort some things out. I know this post made barely any sense.. but yeah!
Also, thank you guys so much who come back post after post, you really do make me so happy. It’s such a lovely feeling knowing that your words actually mean something to someone.

Lots of love and many  thanks,