Diary Of Depression


Well, when I say ‘diary’ I really mean that what this post is going to be about is pretty much how I go about living with depression. A lot of people won’t understand why I’m posting this, or maybe a lot of people who know me (even well) will ask me why I posted it in such a public form. But here’s the thing, I started a platform that encourages people to talk out about their mental health issues, eating disorders and self-harm. If I can’t speak out about my own issues, what gives me the right to tell others that it’s okay for them to talk out about theirs?

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Stand A Little Taller

Life has a its own special way of chewing us up and spitting us out, doesn’t it? 

The past seven months of my life has been some of the toughest of my life. Maybe that’s why I’ve took such a long break from blogging– I find it hard to share the tough things with people. I guess I’ve just grown up in an environment where I’ve had to be strong for others and find it scary to drop that wall enough to allow myself to rely on other people being strong for me.

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