Recently, Pampers UK have been running an advertising campaign entitled #ThankYouMidwife, part of this campaign was the one Christmas advert that managed to set me off everytime it popped up on my TV this Christmas, and at first I wasn’t sure why – but now I think I’ve cracked it.

Before you have a child, you think that the midwife is just someone who will help you along the way and be there when you eventually bring your little pink bundle into this world, well, that’s at least what I thought.

The truth is, in my case at least, there will be more than one midwife during your pregnant journey. You’ll bond with some of them, and some of them you may not click with, thankfully however I seemed to gel well with every midwife who cared for me throughout my pregnancy.

From Lindsey who was there for me when I had a breakdown about the complete and utter fear of the chances of miscarriage and the pregnancy friendly honeymoon tips, to the countless midwives at Forth Valley Royal Hospital who reassured me that my pregnancy was progressing perfectly and took pity on me being very pregnant in the height of summer – they all made my pregnancy that bit more special.

There are however three people that I want to thank. The three people who were there during my labour (not including Andrew and my mum who were the best birthing partners I could’ve wished for and I will never be able to thank them enough). Those three people are Lindsey, Nadine and one more student member of staff who I can’t for the life of me remember her name. These three woman made my birthing experience as positive as possible.

Their professionalism and friendliness was second-to-none and I can’t explain how thankful I am to them for helping me bring my little girl into this world.

Thank you to Lindsey for firstly putting me at ease when I was six months pregnant and ended up in triage as I was showing signs of preeclampsia – thankfully, it was nothing to worry about and I was just dehydrated and being visited by the swollen ankle fairy. There are two funny stories about this visit to triage one of which was bumping into Andrew’s old friend whilst she was in labour and him thinking it was the perfect time to say hello and the second being that Lindsey confused me with another patient and said ‘Well, with two of them in there, it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze’, I don’t think Andrew and I have ever recovered from the fear that induced. The second thing I want to thank Lindsey for is being the calm force that greeted me when I entered triage three months later in labour, ten days overdue and in more pain than I can describe. Thank you for calming me down, for explaining what was happening, for making me feel safe and for admitting me and handing me over to your colleagues – and then checking on us the following morning when you came back on shift.

Thank you to the student member of staff who reassured me that everything would be fine and that I could get through it. Thank you for holding my hand and guiding my husband as he wheeled me to the delivery suite. Thank you for making me laugh through contractions, and helping me not to panic when my waters finally broke. Thank you for showing the care and professionalism of a fully fledged member of staff – I hope you have the best experiences throughout your education and take them with you into your career. You’re made for this job and everyone who encounters you will be lucky to.

And lastly, thank you to Nadine. Thank you for spending the majority of my labour in my room with me. Thank you for your quick thinking and acting when Hallie’s heart rate dropped during labour. Thank you for giving me the numerous kicks up the butt that I needed to get through. Thank you for the diamorphine, and for telling me that I would maybe get an epidural – even though we both knew it wasn’t going to happen. Thank you for looking after my mum and my husband as well as me. Thank you for the laughter and the radio. Thank you for not mentioning the you-know-what that happens to most people during labour. Mainly however, thank you for delivering my beautiful baby. Thank you for giving us the best gift we could ever ask for, thank you for her smiles, her laugh and her daily milestones that astound us. Thank you for coming in to see us before you went home after a long shift to make sure we were getting on okay. Thank you for everything – especially the tea and toast.

I am so eternally grateful to live in a country where the NHS is a thing. The staff of the NHS are incredible and I know that during the time I delivered Hallie, the maternity unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital was stretched to its limits – so much so that my induction two days prior had to be cancelled as it wouldve been dangerous to induce me due to staffing levels.

Thank you to all of you midwives for choosing midwifery. Thank you for the things you do for families every day up and down the country and around the world. Thank you for changing lives and bringing them into this world – your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Love x