The Story of a Girl

I think that in this day and age, the most important thing that people could learn about themselves is the thing that makes them happy. It sounds so totally cliche and cheesy, but it’s true; Each of us has a purpose and once you find what yours is then you start to stop feeling so lost, because no matter what is going on in your life you will always have that one thing that gets you through.

For me, the things that get me through are writing, photography and doing things with Don’t Lose Your Grip. Being able to make a difference to other people is something that is really important to me, and my friends are always yelling at me for not taking enough credit for what I’ve started, but here’s the thing; I’m just Chrisselle. I’ve never changed from being the overweight 15 year old that I once was.

The only thing that distinguishes who I am now from the person that I still feel like is that I’m more confident in who I am and what my purpose of life is, I know what I want to do with life and I know who I want to be, and that is such a delightful feeling. It’s almost like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I’m able to focus on making the things I want to happen, happen. I want to be able to tell my kids that they can follow their dreams no matter where they’re from or what the dreams may be, and how can I tell them that if I don’t take the chance myself first? So 2013 is the year of dreams.

This year I am going to be making things happen for DLYG, including holding some small fundraisers around the West Lothian area of Scotland, and then once we have enough I will be planning to hold a charity concert in the summer in order to raise funds for SAMH – Scottish Association for Mental Health. We are currently looking for some bands, and for ANYONE else that would like to help out with fundraising, so if you’re from the central belt of Scotland, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on Twitter! @Chrisselle_ or @dontloseurgrip and use the hashtag #HelpDLYG!

As well as this happening, I’m planning to at least write two reasonably good stories to consider for publishing and I’m planning to blog more – which is proving difficult considering how busy I am! BUT, I am planning to write about a different topic each week, including book reviews etc. and, there will be a very important post on the DLYG portion of this site very soon, that will include the interview with the incredible Rae Earl. 

I want to take this chance to thank the people in my life that are supporting me through all of this. I am genuinely humbled by just how much these people believe in me, and just how incredibly supportive they are of everything I do. I couldn’t do it without any of you, and you all know who you are. If it wasn’t for the late night chats, the empty bottles of wine, the coffee mornings, and the nights of me forcing you to eat my food I don’t where I would be. You’re the best people in the world and I am forever thankful for your love and support.

Well, this blog doesn’t really make much sense and I’m sorry about that, but I promise that they will get better as the weeks go on – bare with me just now!

All I can say is that life is wonderful, if you make it wonderful.

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